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Quick quiz…

What are the signals a woman shows when she’s interested…or even horny?

Do you know the signs she gives with her body…or eyes…or certain things she may or may not say?

Another question…what are the 3 biggest mistakes nearly every guy makes with women…yet has NO IDEA they are even making them…and causing to kill almost all attraction with women? Do you know these?

Ok…last question..what are 3 ways you can approach a woman…have her instantly interested…never think about you as a friend…and possibly even chase after you for a relationship…and even sex….do you know how to this…?

If not…you’re in the right place


Are you tired of always being the views as a friend by women and not the guy she wants to be with?


Do you wish you could effortlessly attract women and remove the entire concept of the “friend zone” from your life…and even have women chasing you?


If you answered yes to any or all of these…keep reading. You’re in the right place. 


Admit it.


You’re tired of being the “friend.” or having a lack of success with women.

It’s ok though. A lot of guys are in the same situation. Hell…I even was at one point. Unlike them though…you’re taking action and beginning to take steps toward getting the type of dating life you want.


Maybe it’s with a girl you’ve known for years….maybe it’s a girl you’ve recently met…or maybe it just seems to be you’re having trouble with nearly every girl you meet…


Either way, you’re tired of being being this guy and are ready for a change. Maybe you’re starting to realize things won’t just “magically” change.. and some action must be taken, hence why you’re here. 


Maybe you’re tired of being her “friend” or “brother”. Maybe you’re tired of feeling confused or frustrated with women and dating and just want it all to click and make sense. Maybe you’re tired of finding you can connect well with women, but there just never seems to be that “spark” that really gets things going. 


You want to be the guy she wants. You want to be the guy she dates. You want to be the guy she sleeps with, and the guy she can’t wait to have touch her all over her body. You want to be the guy who gets the girl…


And that’s where I come in.


My names Will, and I’m a professional dating and life coach, specializing in working with men of all ages and backgrounds to get the dating lives they want.


What will you learn?


Quite a lot. Regardless of whether you’re constantly seen as “the friend” or aren’t having any type of success with women at all, I’ll turn your dating life around and have the dating game working in your favor.


And no…this won’t involve you changing yourself, embarrassing yourself, or endlessly approaching women until you find one you like.


Much of the advice is based on the actual science of attraction and psychology, not just things I think work or worked once or twice or just hope will work. Most importantly, everything you will learn will be focused not just on what works with women, but WHY it works, ensuring you can apply what is learned to any situation, any time. (And you’ll be able to do all of this without having to change who you are or pretending to be someone you’re not.)

Secondly, all lessons will be based around who YOU are and what your specific goals are. (There will also be some lessons that go outside of women and dating that will inevitably help with women and dating).

If you’re ready for a change then I’m ready to work with you. What’s best….The first consultation is always free with no string attached, so you have NOTHING to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.

 Look forward to our chat




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